Surely everyone has been stuck in a waiting room past your appointment time, endlessly waiting for your time to be called back and seen by the doctor. So for some, it might come as a surprise there is such a timepiece nicknamed “the doctor’s watch.”

The Hamilton, officially named the Seckron, was a line of watches produced between 1935 and 1941. With its dual-dial style, it was seen as less of a fashion accessory and more of a tool for the working man, hence its name as the “doctor’s watch.” In fact, it was marketed in the 1930s as the “professional watch” with its 14K gold fill and 17 jewels. Aside from its traditional look, it includes another dial that counts seconds.

Classic style with black dial and white hands
Hamilton 980A dial side of movement

980a movement


Silver dial and black hands

Doctors, nurses and others in the medical profession and other fields may need to use both a timepiece that would tell the time while also easily showing how many seconds have gone by for use in calculating heart rates, hence its nickname. Additionally, it’s curvature is so that it sits fixed upon the wearer’s wrist which makes it easier to read and multitask. 

Vintage Hamilton Advertising for the Seckron

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