What has a 38-hour power reserve, can be found in watch brands both big and small, and is at least partly responsible for the incredible growth of microbrands over the last couple years?

The answer?

That would be the ETA 2824-2 movement.

ETA is a subsidiary of Swatch Group. The 2824-2 is an automatic 25-jewel movement and is found in watches of all kinds — from affordable ones to higher end models.

Movement before disassembly
Automatic removed and balance removed
Barrel and bridge removed showing stem and winding parts
Train wheels
Balance wheel
Dial removed showing date
Quick set and hour wheel
Date disassembled showing center wheel
Accuracy levels that this model can achieve (great running movement)
Breitling movement out of the case before disassembly
Breitling watch that uses this ETA movement

Here are a few watches that use the ETA movement

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