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Watch FAQs: Simple questions, simple answers

I have many customers who are getting a mechanical watch for the first time. They ask me questions about the care and feeding of their new watch. Because of this, here are some frequently asked questions and some answers. Can you wind an automatic watch? Yes, you can wind an automatic watch from the crown. That will not hurt the movement. You will never come to the “end” of the.. Read More

Rolex and Ford trucks: Why it pays to ‘baby’ your product

Are Rolex watches anything like Ford pickup trucks. My thinking is simple: People buy a very expensive Rolex (anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000) and then they proceed to wear it swimming, gardening, and just literally “beat the heck” out of it. On the other hand, people buy a very expensive truck that is made as a work vehicle and designed to stand the rigors of off road trails etc, and.. Read More