The "Doctor" is Always In!

Watches That Could Help Save Your Life

Imagine you’re hiking in the woods and suddenly lose your way. Where do you turn to get back to your car to drive home? Maybe your camping trip turns a little bit more unexpected and a brief walk to find more firewood means you’re now lost and need to find your way. How do you find your way back to where you want to be? Perhaps, start with what’s on.. Read More

Watches for a More Sophisticated Occasion

Every day, people are faced with the same question: What to wear? Unless you’re Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg and opt to cut down on decisions by wearing the same outfits every day, deciding what to wear is likely your first choice made every morning. Part of choosing an outfit can also include picking what accessories to wear. That often means which watch to put on your wrist. So perhaps.. Read More

Richard Mille Watches Shine Bright on Busy Sports Weekend

After a slow summer, last Sunday marked a big day in sports. The NFL kicked off its 100th season, while the eyes of the tennis world were squarely on New York City as the U.S. Open crowned its champions. Yet for some reason, rather than just talking about the winners and losers, why were headlines talking about one of the most luxurious watch lines in the world? Well, thank Cleveland.. Read More

Watches with Titanium Cases

Titanium is a lot of things.  It’s tough. It’s lightweight. It’s durable.  And lately, it’s immensely popular as an option for watches. Mechanical watches with stainless steel cases are heavier than ones made of quartz, which is why a watch with a titanium case makes sense for those wanting a little lighter time piece. The Hamilton HML Titanium watch not only features a titanium case, but it is also all-black,.. Read More

Need Direction? Try One of These Watches

All around us in nature, there are signs that can show us the cardinal directions. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, after all. Moss, at least we were told as kids, only grows on the north side of trees and rocks. Watches used to just tell the time. Now, technology allows all the bells and whistles packed into watches like songs, app notifications, step counters and.. Read More

In the Watch World, Thin is In

When was the last time you took a look at today’s fashion? At the turn of the century, baggy was in. People were seen everywhere wearing big, baggy clothes. NBA players’ shorts extended nearly halfway down their shins, and baggy jeans were all the rage. Nowadays? It’s just the opposite. Clothes are more form-fitted and all that extra fabric has gone the way of the fax machine (remember those?). For watches,.. Read More

The Watch Worn by Every President Since World War II

A watch worn by every president since World War II. And it was on the cutting edge of technology. The catch? It’s made by a company with only five employees.  The Vulcain Cricket has been a mainstay in the White House ever since Harry Truman wore one of them. Since then, every president has worn a Cricket in the White House. That tradition might end with the next president, as.. Read More

Dial Style: Two Kinds of Material Used on Dials

When you think about a clock or a watch, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Maybe it’s the amount of jewels or diamonds encrusted on its exterior that first catch your eye. Maybe it’s the color of the hands. Surely, the color and design of the dial are some of the things that stand out. During the Renaissance, you might have taken notice of the dial because it.. Read More

Meteorite Dials Give Watches Touch of Space

What’s one way to make a luxury watch even more luxurious?  Well, if the watch is rare and there are only a few in circulation, that makes it more sought-after. If it’s famous from where it was worn (maybe in space or by James Bond), that can drive up value. But what if it’s rare simply because it’s made of rare materials? That’s the thinking behind meteorite dials. The Gibeon.. Read More

The Watches of Wimbledon and the Tour de France

For sports fans, July is a month that can seem to drag on. The NBA and NFL are in their off-seasons. Baseball is in season, but even it took an extended break for its all-star game celebrations.  The U.S. Women’s National Team won its second straight World Cup title, while Novak Djokovic claimed the Wimbledon title and the Tour de France crowned its youngest rider in decades. On the international.. Read More