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The Watch Doctor
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by Jack Chester on The Watch Doctor
Great Service on my EXP2

Mark did a superb job on my Explorer II! I have worn it almost daily since I first purchased it in 2011. I sent it in for service and to repair. It was loosing two hours overnight for some reason. The hour hand did not advance like it should. I am a firefighter so it's seen some tough conditions and has survived a motorcycle crash. Opening the package today and it looks almost new. Not overly polished, and it's running perfect again. I will gladly recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you so much.

by Phil Packard on The Watch Doctor
Great job!!

I was a little suspicious about sending my 20 year old Submariner to you for a complete overhaul. However after I checked with several local jewelers (some Rolex dealers, some not) and discovered the going rate was $ 800-1400 to bring my watch back to life, I decided to take a chance. I packed up my watch and sent it off. A few days later I received an email telling me the watch had arrived. A few days after that I got a second email telling what my watch needed and quoted a price. Put the fee on my card and received notification that repair was in process. About 2 weeks later I received notification that my watch was being shipped back to me. My Submariner arrived safely and well wrapped and most importantly running perfectly. The whole process took a little less than 4 weeks with good communication throughout the process. A great experience with an honest and reliable person Thanks Mark!

by Michael Clarke on The Watch Doctor
Rolex Air King Service

I received my twenty-year-old Rolex Air King from Mark a little over one week ago. The case and band are beautiful. It's hard to believe that the watch is twenty years old. I have held off writing a review to test the accuracy of the watch. I am pleased to report that the watch functions perfectly.
I have already mentioned Mark's services to my brother-in-law and will certainly use Mark in the future.
Great job, great price, great communication!

by Rod Hamilton on The Watch Doctor

Recently sent my 1994 Rolex GMT Master II to Watch Doctor for a long overdue cleaning/overhaul. Prior to doing so I researched many company's offering the service I desired and found pricing ranging from $399 to just under $800. Out of my price range. After reviewing Watch Doctors website and speaking to Mark I sent my watch to him. Great decision. Watch came back looking great and running accurately.

Thanks Mark,

Rod Hamilton

by Mark Cianciosi on The Watch Doctor
An Honorable Man

If you send your Rolex or any fine watch anywhere else you are crazy. Period. Mark exceeds all expectations on workmanship, speed of service and is a true value. In today's world, Mark is a pleasure to deal with. A true gentleman who stands by his work. I would like to meet him someday to say "thanks". Sincerely, Mark A. Cianciosi

by Rod Hamilton on The Watch Doctor

Sent my 1994 Rolex GMT Master II for cleaning & overhaul. I chose Mark based on price & reviews. Watch came back in beautiful condition. Looks brand new. Case and bracelet shine and is keeping accurate time.
Thanks Mark for an excellent job!

Rod Hamilton
Southbury, Ct.

by Michael Slater on The Watch Doctor

My daily wear Omega Seamaster has been returned to pristine condition, and is once again running flawlessly with chronometer accuracy. Great communication, and quick turn around. Thanks.Michael Slater

by Andy Matimore on The Watch Doctor
Rolex Repair

In early 2019 I had my Rolex repaired by a local high-end jeweler. In reality, they sent it out to Rolex, and after three months and far too much money, I got it back and while the watch was fine, I kept wondering why it was os expensive and so time consuming. Imagine my shock and embarassment when I dropped it last month and shattered the crystal! This time I did more research, and fortunately came upon Mark's website. After speaking with him, I felt very comfortable sending my Rolex to Pennsylvania for repair. The entire process took maybe a week, and I got my watch back looking and performing better than ever. First of all, let me say it was a pleasure working with Mark, as He is truly a great communicator who does what he says he will; Secondly, it is quite apparent that Mark is a meticulous craftsman. If you are sitting on the fence about handing over your precious asset, please don't worry with Mark - it will be in good hands, and you will be pleased with the workmanship, speed of service and incredible value.

by Ralph on The Watch Doctor

Second time I have used Mark for service of my Omega Seamaster watch. Great service and excellent communication. Glad I found him many years ago!!!!

by Robert Levit on The Watch Doctor
Best in the business

Like so many others my Rolex is a cherished possession. It has been a companion for more than 50 years. I do value it,so I do have it serviced here in NYC. Very costly indeed; and the job is often not done "quite right". I found Mark by doing a little research; liked his replies to queries and general support so off goes the watch to Kane, PA. Mark lets you know about progress and keeps his promises. The service is first class and the work is the best. Certainly, I would recommend his "watch care" to others....and will. Thank you Mark.

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