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What are the hobbies of the Watch Doctor?

With the holidays now over, professionals all over the country are slowly getting back into their work routines. That means, for some, struggling to get back to being productive for 40 hours (or more) every Monday through Friday. But what happens once you clock out from work and go home? How do you spend your time? If you’re like the Watch Doctor and own your own business, the work never.. Read More

MVP frontrunner gifts linemen new Rolex watches

As far as professional athletes go, offensive linemen might come in last in terms of notoriety. Their faces are never seen, but their mistakes are scrutinized by broadcasters, fans and everyone in between. Linemen will never be as famous as the quarterbacks they protect from being tackled. But at the end of the season, linemen always receive the best gifts. The Baltimore Ravens players who helped protect and pave the.. Read More

Jack Nicklaus, Marlon Brando watches dazzle at auction

As the calendar is squarely in the middle of the holiday shopping season, people all over the world are scouring malls and shops (and probably trying to find their loved ones the best gifts. Last week, two pricey watches made their way off the open market. While there’s no telling if they are going to be gifts, the time pieces would make quite the impression underneath a tree. Legendary.. Read More

What are some of the top watch brands from England?

England’s contributions to the world are almost endless to list. Today, the hub of world-class watchmaking is found in Switzerland. But what about England’s contributions to watchmaking history? London was actually the center of the watch industry from the 16th to the 19th century with British watchmakers making important innovations during that time. So who are some of the most influential and interesting British watchmakers? Christopher Ward is a new.. Read More

Rolex 904L Steel

Stainless steel is used in many industries, including in watches. Rolex’s 904L is the company’s go-to choice in its premium stainless steel watch line. Stainless steel used to just accompany Rolex watches in its case, but has since expanded to using it in the case and bracelet. The stainless steel is useful for Rolex in its watch as it prevents from rusting and pitting from ocean salt water and sweat… Read More

The Elinvar Hairspring helped railroad watches stay on time

Back when trains were first connecting America’s coasts, a railroad worker’s watch could see some tough conditions. First, it must endure temperature and humidity changes, as well as changes in magnetic fields. That’s not to mention regular wear and tear a watch will be presented while working a long day on the railroad. When railroad watches were inspected, they were to run within 30 seconds accuracy. The Elinvar metal alloy.. Read More

Navigate the sea with the Hamilton 22

Like most tools, watches were made with more than one purpose in mind. Of course, a watch’s main ability is to tell its user what the time is. Everything else added along the way — the ability to know the date all the way to seeing your heart rate, the temperature, hearing the new top song on the music charts or making a phone call. Watches can do it all… Read More

A Patek Philippe watch just sold for $31 million

If you were part of the world’s high society, how much would you spend on luxurious items? What if that item is a Patek Philippe watch? Is $1 million too much to spend? What about $10 million? $20 million? Well, for a price almost as large as LeBron James’ paycheck from the Los Angeles Lakers this year, the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime on Saturday sold for a record $31 million.. Read More

What is a dial washer?

The function of a dial washer is to prevent the hour wheel from rising and disengaging from the pinion on the minute wheel that drives the hour wheel. The dial washer is also critical for keeping the hour wheel in place when the watch is turned over into the dial down position. Sometimes the minute hand sits close enough to the pipe on the hour wheel and suffices to stop.. Read More

Rolex and Tudor: A Family Rivalry

It’s not uncommon for luxury brands, no matter the industry, to also have a more-affordable line of products. It’s a simple way to cover all corners of the market. It’s no different in the watch world. But did you know Rolex – the most recognizable name in watches – also has an affordable sister company? That’s where Tudor watches come in. Tudor has a history almost as long as Rolex,.. Read More