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What is a canteen watch?

In short, a canteen watch made the jobs of divers easier. The watch, which earned its name because of its shape and design (it looks like an over-sized cap linked to the case by a chain), filled a need for navy divers in the 1940s. At that time, divers needed water-resistant watches, but most of the reliable watches and technology was still several years away at that time.  Canteen watches.. Read More

The Watch Collection of Drake

Drake might just be having the best week ever. The Canadian hip-hop superstar has been sitting court side for his hometown Toronto Raptors, where he also serves as a global ambassador, during home games. Drake, whose name is Aubrey Graham, but goes by his middle name, was part of the massive watch party in downtown Toronto on Thursday night as the Raptors finished off the two-time defending champion Golden State.. Read More

A look into French watches

The French are known for many things, like toast, playing tennis on clay and triangular-shaped architecture.  Switzerland is known for its watch innovation and as the headquarters of only the best luxury brands, like Rolex. However, France is home to some top-notch watch companies even after some of the country’s best horologists fled the country for Switzerland when borders moved decades ago. Breguet is maybe the most famous French watch.. Read More

Digital – Analog Watches

Digital watches can be used to do many things, like time your jog, tell you your heartbeat and let you answer your phone calls — all from your wrist.While digital watches can do many things, they traditionally haven’t seen the care and famous design of traditional analog watches. However, some digital watches have stepped up their game in the showing the true versatility of the watch.  Tissot’s T-Touch Expert Solar.. Read More

What is a One Handed Watch?

There has always been a need for time. Before wrist watches, people had to get creative in telling the time. That usually meant relying on the sun, which led the way for the sundial. The invention of clocks — and then in a smaller scale, watches — meant a more reliable way to tell the time. While looking at the sun’s position and the sky and guessing the time wasn’t an.. Read More

What is a Staking Set?

In every profession, there are tools important to the trade. Whether that’s an iPhone with multiple apps to help a business person get through the day or a repairman with a toolbox full of instruments, the tools are all meant to help make the job at hand easier. There are likely some tools with multiple uses — tools that are a jack of all trades. Without them, our jobs would.. Read More

What is a Perpetual Calendar?

A timepiece that also tells you the date is, of course, nothing new. However, the simplest form of calendar watch has to be manually adjusted five times a year because of the varying lengths of the months in the calendar So, at the end of every month with fewer than 31 days, the wearer will be called on to advance the date by hand to keep it correct. The perpetual.. Read More

Where Are All the Watchmakers?

If you’re reading this newsletter, you probably have sent a watch or two away for repair, probably to the Watch Doctor. What was your process in finding the Watch Doctor for your repair? How did you decide on him to trust with your expensive timepiece or family heirloom? For anyone wearing an expensive watch where it isn’t cheaper just to buy a new one if the first one stops running,.. Read More

Reissued Watches

In many aspects of life, what’s old is new again. In music, it’s artists sampling or using parts of old songs for new hits. In fashion, clothing trends that were hip and cool decades ago are suddenly back in style. (The Watch Doctor’s aviator sunglasses went out and came back into style and now he’s ahead of the curve.) The vintage watch market is a $2 billion industry. Why is.. Read More

Should You Wear Your Watch In Water?

In a fashion-sense, shoes and watches are complementary parts of wardrobes that some can never have enough of. Shoe collecting — you might not know — is a big deal. “Sneakerheads,” as they’re called, track down the release date of every new sneaker, set an alarm and then attempt to be among the first in the online marketplace to get the new releases before they completely sell out. After they’re.. Read More