One of the most asked questions that I get every week is, “Can you repair and take the ‘stretch’ out of a Rolex watch band?” Up until a few weeks ago, my answer was no. It is not a repair that I can make.

After lots of research, I was finally able to find the tools to do this job.

After a bit of practice, I am now able to offer this service to my customers.

The repair is time consuming and not easy, but after it is done I am able to get most of the stretch out of the band. I can’t make it look perfect, but it is quite a bit better and will add years to the life of the band.

These are the 3 vises that are used to make the repairs
This a picture of a typical mans stainless steel Jubilee watch band. You can see that it is badly stretched.

How the repair is done

Using the proper tool, it is positioned on the link on each side.
Vice that is used to pull the links apart. By turning the handle the links are pulled apart
The band links are removed, next step is to remove the old pins
Worn band pin shown on bottom, new one on top.
New pins ready to be installed
Band positioned in the next vice, ready to be pressed into place

A short video showing links being pressed into place

Band showing repaired links on the right, stretched links on the left

Take a moment and read this blog post on how we buff and polish the case and band during the repair

This is a time consuming, labor intensive repair, but the result is a band that is ready for more years of great service

Cost for the band repair will be $150

At the present time, I will only be working on men’s or ladies Jubilee bands. Contact me for more info before shipping a band for repair

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