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What is a Tudor Watch?

If you’re like millions of Americans, you spent your Sunday night watching the best in film honored at the Oscars. And if you were watching, you likely saw a few commercials for Rolex celebrating the art of filmmaking. While the Oscars celebrate films with big budgets like “Black Panther” or smaller, independent films, Rolex supports them all. Rolex, just like films, have a smaller line of watches. Tudor was created.. Read More

Tissot: Official Timekeeper of the NBA

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Lakers made their only regular-season visit to the new Boston Garden to take on the Celtics in a renewal of the NBA’s biggest rivalries. In the final seconds, Lakers guard Rajon Rondo — a former champion with Boston — corralled a loose ball and knocked down a 15-foot jump shot at the buzzer to cap an 18-point comeback victory for LeBron James’ new team… Read More

Rolex and Auto Racing

Watches, at their core, are meant to keep time. So what better partnership for a watch company than to work in the racing industry. That’s exactly what Rolex does by sponsoring many auto races to further its brand and expand its customer reach. Since 2013, Rolex has been a global partner and official timer of Formula One. So anytime you may flip by some open-wheeled racing on a Saturday or.. Read More

How To Replace a Rolex Crystal

cracked rolex crystal watch face

One of the most common repairs that I do every month is to replace a Rolex Crystal. It seems like when a customer drops their watch, it never lands on the soft carpet, but always manages to hit the hardwood floor! In this blog post I will show the steps that I go through to replace a Plastic and a Sapphire crystal. The Rolex sapphire crystal is a complex part… Read More