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What is a micro-brand watch?

Before we get into the details of the best micro-brand watches, let’s first define the term. To put it simply, micro-brand watches are those that are not mass- produced. These are your independent brands with limited production. Often, they would have a smaller variety of models compared to the mass-produced watches from bigger, more established brands. And due to limited production, some of these micro-brand watches are typically made to.. Read More

Most significant watches in history

Ever since the advent of sundials, humans have tried to stay on time. As we advanced through history, technology advanced too. Sundials went out and clocks came in. Clocks became smaller and wearable, leading us to wristwatches. Eventually, iPhones and other cell phones changed the way we tell time. (Somehow, some of us are still late, no matter the technological advances.) But what are the most historically significant watches anyway?.. Read More