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A Look at Hamilton Pocket Watch Cases and Dials

Last week we talked about the differences between a Hamilton 992 and 992b movement. This week we will show the different case and dial styles available for these models. Below are listed a few of the many case and dial options that were available for these fine watches. Hamilton Cases Dial Lettering Styles Dial Styles Hamilton 992 Enamel Dial on the Left, and The 992B Melamine Dial on the Right.. Read More

Speidel Watchbands

The Speidel company dates back more than 115 years.  The company is known for its ratchet-buckle watchbands, scissor-action expansion bands and ladies’ Mignon bands, as well as costume jewelry.  In addition to watchbands, Speidel produces watches, lighters, writing instruments, small jewelry and accessories.  Though Speidel was very famous as an identification bracelet maker, the company is still best known as the manufacturer of the Twist-O-Flex watchband. Introduced  in 1959, the Twist-O-Flex.. Read More

Comparing Beauty: Hamilton 992 vs. Hamilton 992B

How does someone compare two works of art? In some debates, there are no wrong answers — especially looking at beauty. My wife’s two favorite movies are Pretty Woman, starring Richard Gere, and Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze. I asked her recently which actor was more handsome, and she answered, “there is no comparison.” I did not immediately understand this answer, but she explained that they are both handsome in.. Read More

Presidential Timepieces: Lyndon Johnson

With Election Day last week, we continue our look at presidents and their watches. Lyndon Baines Johnson was the 36th president and served from November 22, 1963 (immediately after John F. Kennedy’s assassination) through 1968. Patek Phillippe LBJ is the only U.S. president confirmed to have owned a Patek Philippe watch. His was a reference 2526 in 18k yellow gold and was ordered through Tiffany & Co. with a special yellow gold.. Read More

The Watches of Abraham Lincoln

With the Election Day today, we thought we’d take a look back at the watches belonging to Abraham Lincoln – America’s 16th president. Lincoln was known to have owned a few pocket watches in his time, but there are two in particular that seem noteworthy: a gold pocket watch and a Waltham pocket watch. Before the start of the civil war, Lincoln purchased a nice gold pocket watch from George.. Read More