The "Doctor" is Always In!

A Visit to the Dentist compared to a Visit to the Watch Doctor

You might be wondering about the title of this blog, what does a visit to the dentist have to do with getting your watch repaired?  Well, with this quick story, I will give you an idea of how similar they are to each other.   Now for some background info.  I have had a toothache off and on for the last year. Nothing major, just an occassional pain in my.. Read More

How To Replace A Balance Staff

In this post I am going to go over the steps  to replace a balance staff in a Hamilton 992b pocket watch. The Balance staff is the center shaft on the Balance wheel. It has top and bottom “pivots” very thin points that the balance wheel rides on and are supported by the balance jewels.  The staff pivots can be broken from a drop or hard bump and are the.. Read More

Watches from Mad Men

Few television shows have been as consistently praised for the quality and authenticity of its costumes, sets and props as AMC’s Mad Men. Now in its fifth season, the show continues to go to great efforts to source appropriate accessories to showcase a real version of New York in 1966. This obsession with historically accurate physical culture extends to the wrists of the characters. Today I would like to take.. Read More