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Is My Rolex Real or Fake? Part 1: How to Spot a Fake Rolex

The generic watch market continues to grow and become more efficient, making counterfeit luxury timepieces more and more difficult to tell apart from their genuine counterparts.  Given the difference in value between replica Rolexes and the genuine article, any potential investor should know the tricks to tell the real from the fake.  Here’s a quick list of some of the ways to tell apart the genuine luxury watch and its.. Read More

Rolex Oysterquartz

Rolex is most known for their mechanical timepieces, but from 1970 through 2001 the company also produced battery powered and quartz wristwatches. In an attempt to keep up with the times, Rolex began research into electronic timekeeping in the early 1950’s and was awarded their first patent for an electro‐mechanical movement in 1952. Despite the company’s early interest in the future electronic timekeeping market, though, the first Rolex quartz watch wasn’t made commercially.. Read More

Athletes and Their Watches – Part 2

This weeks blog will continue our look at some of the top athletes in the world and the expensive watches that they wear.  From the Football or Soccer field to the Golf links, today’s top athletes don’t mind spoiling themselves with some of the highest priced watches in the world. Kobe Bryant wearing his signature Hublot King Power Black Mamba in honor of Bryant’s NBA nickname. Olympic 100 and 200.. Read More

Athletes and Their Watches – Part 1

Famous athletes are recognized all over the world for their incredible skills, whether it’s on the football field, baseball diamond, or on the tennis court. Most of these athletes have been playing their sport since they were children and have been putting in countless hours everyday for their entire lives to reach their dream of becoming a professional athlete. Becoming a professional athlete comes with several perks. Athletes are some.. Read More