The "Doctor" is Always In!

Rolex vs. Omega: Which is the Better Watch?

In today’s day and age, everything is up for debate. Are you Team iPhone or Team Android? Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan? Do you prefer the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? In the watch world, the question is Rolex against Omega. So which one is better? Each watch has its own hits and misses, but the differences will be pointed out since they are the two watches serviced.. Read More

The Automatic for the People

What has a 38-hour power reserve, can be found in watch brands both big and small, and is at least partly responsible for the incredible growth of microbrands over the last couple years? The answer? That would be the ETA 2824-2 movement. ETA is a subsidiary of Swatch Group. The 2824-2 is an automatic 25-jewel movement and is found in watches of all kinds — from affordable ones to higher.. Read More

The Clock that Runs on Temperature Changes

Imagine a device you use every day, whether that’s a remote control, an electric toothbrush, or your smartphone.  Now imagine you never had to change or charge up the batteries. How freeing would that be? Our toothbrushes would never fizzle out, our smartphones would never hit 0%, and that beeping from the smoke detector would stop forever. In the watch world, we think of watches without batteries simply as automatics… Read More

What are the Hobbies of the Watch Doctor?

With the holidays now over, professionals all over the country are slowly getting back into their work routines. That means, for some, struggling to get back to being productive for 40 hours (or more) every Monday through Friday. But what happens once you clock out from work and go home? How do you spend your time? If you’re like the Watch Doctor and own your own business, the work never.. Read More