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Rolex vs a Ford Pickup Truck

You may be wondering what the relationship is between an expensive Rolex watch and a Ford Pickup truck.  My idea is simple:  People buy a very expensive Rolex (anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000) and then they proceed to wear it swimming, gardening, and just literally “beat the heck” out of it.   On the other hand, people buy a very expensive truck that is made as a work vehicle and.. Read More

Is the Apple Watch the Future of Watches?

The idea of this blog is this simple question: is the Apple watch the future of the watch business or just a passing fad? Watches were originally only owned by the rich and famous, a sure sign of status and power. As watches became cheaper and more reliable, they fast became a part of just about every person’s daily wear.  Everyone had a watch and the simple idea of staying.. Read More