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What is a One Handed Watch?

There has always been a need for time. Before wrist watches, people had to get creative in telling the time. That usually meant relying on the sun, which led the way for the sundial. The invention of clocks — and then in a smaller scale, watches — meant a more reliable way to tell the time. While looking at the sun’s position and the sky and guessing the time wasn’t an.. Read More

What is a Staking Set?

In every profession, there are tools important to the trade. Whether that’s an iPhone with multiple apps to help a business person get through the day or a repairman with a toolbox full of instruments, the tools are all meant to help make the job at hand easier. There are likely some tools with multiple uses — tools that are a jack of all trades. Without them, our jobs would.. Read More

What is a Perpetual Calendar?

A timepiece that also tells you the date is, of course, nothing new. However, the simplest form of calendar watch has to be manually adjusted five times a year because of the varying lengths of the months in the calendar So, at the end of every month with fewer than 31 days, the wearer will be called on to advance the date by hand to keep it correct. The perpetual.. Read More

Where Are All the Watchmakers?

If you’re reading this newsletter, you probably have sent a watch or two away for repair, probably to the Watch Doctor. What was your process in finding the Watch Doctor for your repair? How did you decide on him to trust with your expensive timepiece or family heirloom? For anyone wearing an expensive watch where it isn’t cheaper just to buy a new one if the first one stops running,.. Read More