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What is “rebanking” in a watch?

Amplitude is the measure of the amount of rotation in the swing of the balance wheel in either direction expressed in degrees. It’s typically in the range of about 270 to 315 degrees. When amplitude is too high, you get knocking or rebanking. An amplitude of 270 means a point on the balance wheel is turning three-quarters of a full circle. As amplitude hits 360, the wheel is making a full rotation.. Read More

What is a jump hour watch?

Watches with a jump hour complication have an hour hand that does not sweep between the hours. Instead, it points exactly at the current hour and jumps to the next hour as the minute hand reaches 60 minutes. Theoretically this makes telling the time a bit easier, as the current hour is always being pointed at directly. Some watches with jump hour complications use discs with imprinted digits as opposed.. Read More