The "Doctor" is Always In!

Before & After Look at Some Recent Watch Repairs

It was the goal of many people to come out of the nationwide quarantine having learned a new skill or somehow bettering themselves. That’s not unlike what happens to watches when they visit the Watch Doctor. They come in the mail looking less than stellar – but, by the time they leave? Well, just take a look for yourself with some of these before and after photos! Bulova Self-Winding Watch.. Read More

Let’s Talk About Shock Resistance in a Watch

Shock Resistance is a fairly recent term in the world of watches. As more and more people are leading active lifestyles, watch brands are going to great lengths to create timepieces that are resistant to damage when dropped or when subjected to stringent and constant motion The balance wheel is one of the most critical parts of a mechanical watch. The balance and hairspring are the parts that regulate the watch and.. Read More