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Magnetism in Watches

Like most any other metal material, a watch can become magnetized when it comes into contact with certain levels of a magnetic field. Things we come in contact with every day like our smartphones, tablets, monitors, speakers and kitchen appliances all give off magnetic fields. Those can mess with your watch’s accuracy. The most common target for magnetism is the watches hairspring. When the hairspring becomes magnetized, the coils stick.. Read More

Here are a few facts you might not know about Rolex

Rolex might be the most recognizable watch companies in the world and flatly a world-famous brand. Even still, there are a few things people might not know about the watch giant and its iconic green and crown logo. Here are a few of those fun facts about Rolex. All Rolex watches are handmade. Almost all the parts of a Rolex watch are made in-house and the completed product can take.. Read More

The Paul Newman Daytona Cosmograph: The most expensive Rolex.

Originally, watches had one job and that was to tell the time.  Now in the 21st century when everyone seemingly has a clock in their pocket with their cell phone, watches have taken on different forms of use.  Like wine, art, or other hard assets like diamonds, gold, and real estate, people sometimes refer to watches as investments. Certain watches are known to hold their value extremely well — even.. Read More