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Is Your Rolex Running Fast? Here’s How to Regulate a Rolex, Other Watches

Many people believe that watch accuracy can be achieved by simply adjusting the regulator screw towards the + or – position. Regulating a watch is a lot more complex than this. Watches that are inaccurate are inaccurate for a reason. Generally, these watches require cleaning and conditioning (oiling and greasing of the winding mechanisms). Conditioning also means ensuring that all of the train wheels are free from obstruction, the hairspring.. Read More

Here’s How to Replace a Watch’s Balance Staff

In this post, I am going to go over the steps to replace a balance staff in a Hamilton 992b Pocket Watch. The balance staff is the center shaft on the balance wheel. It has top and bottom “pivots,” or very thin points that the balance wheel rides on and that receive support from the balance jewels.   The staff pivots can be broken from a drop or hard bump.. Read More

How to Buff and Polish a Watch Case

Over the last few years, I have done a number of blog posts about how I repair a watch movement — everything from how it is taken apart, to replacing a balance staff, pressure testing and more.  The one part of the repair process that I have not discussed is how a watch case is buffed and polished. My dad would always say that no matter how great your job is on.. Read More