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Reissued Watches

In many aspects of life, what’s old is new again. In music, it’s artists sampling or using parts of old songs for new hits. In fashion, clothing trends that were hip and cool decades ago are suddenly back in style. (The Watch Doctor’s aviator sunglasses went out and came back into style and now he’s ahead of the curve.) The vintage watch market is a $2 billion industry. Why is.. Read More

Should You Wear Your Watch In Water?

In a fashion-sense, shoes and watches are complementary parts of wardrobes that some can never have enough of. Shoe collecting — you might not know — is a big deal. “Sneakerheads,” as they’re called, track down the release date of every new sneaker, set an alarm and then attempt to be among the first in the online marketplace to get the new releases before they completely sell out. After they’re.. Read More

What is a Type 20/21 Chronograph?

Every day, people around the world are constantly trying to figure out ways to simplify life. That’s where the saying “work smarter, not harder” comes from right? And the reason we are able to use the benefits of technology to streamline many aspects in everyday living. Now (for all the non-pilots out there) imagine how hard and stressful a job it would be to fly an airplane. That’s where the.. Read More

Watches With Blue Dials

What’s a perfect way to purchase a watch that you like, yet still being able to stand out from the crowd? Changing up the dial color is one option. Blue dial watches break from the tradition of timepieces coming in shades of black or white. Instead, blue dials carry a masculine feel and can be worn with business clothes but also in a more casual setting as well. One such.. Read More