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U.S. Leaders and Their Watches

The 2016 election process is in full swing, so I thought it might me a good idea to show some of our future and former elected officials and what watches they wear. President Barack Obama wore Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer for 15 years. On his 46th birthday, Obama received a large black dialed Jorg Gray chronograph from his Secret Service agents that was purchased in the Secret Service employees and that is what he has been wearing.. Read More

Men Celebrities and their Watches – Part 1

A man and his watch are a bit like a man and his car; we all love to own the flashiest and best models. Unsurprisingly, the crazes usually start in Hollywood – where some of the most exuberant watch models are showcased on a regular basis. Tom Cruise – Bremont If there ever was a definition of “A-list”, it most certainly arrives in the form of Tom Cruise. This is an.. Read More

Vintage Rolex Tru Beat: One of the Rarest Rolex Watches

Most individuals within the watch collecting community will associate a ticking seconds hand with a battery powered quartz movement, but there’s also a less common mechanical complication that also ticks – deadbeat seconds. During a five year period in the 1950s, Rolex actually manufactured a mechanical watch with this ticking seconds hand called the “Tru-Beat.” The complication worked similar to older pendulum clocks that made use of anchor escapements; essentially, the escapement featured an anchor that swung back.. Read More