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Watches in The Ring

Maybe once a year, a prize fight comes around to let the world know boxing is still an immensely popular sport. Last weekend, that fight came around as Mexican boxer Canelo Álvarez took on Gennady Golovkin II, otherwise known as Triple G, in a rematch fight in Las Vegas. Though the first match ended in a split draw and Álvarez won by decision on Sept. 15, Triple G is winning.. Read More

Water Resistance in Watches

Perhaps it says it on the back of your watch. Or maybe it’s written in small text on the face. We’re talking, of course, about a watch’s water resistance. Water is necessary for many things to run smoothly, like humans and plants. But when watches and water mix, the results can vary and lead to one unhappy — albeit busy — watchmaker. So what is water resistance? That term, if.. Read More

It’s Hip to be Square

In the band’s 1986 smash hit, Huey Lewis and the News famously sang that it’s hip to be square. The single reached No. 3 on the Billboard charts. But that was more than 30 years ago. So is it still hip to be a square? If you’re following along with recent watch trends, then the answer might be yes. Watches, since their inception, have typically come with rounded faces. Clocks.. Read More

Watches with Moon Phase Complication

The moon has always played a major role in man’s movements and daily existence. From the ebb and flow of tides to religious ceremonies, crop harvests and maritime navigation, which is why it has always been historically important to keep track of its orbit. The phases of the Moon were tracked thousands of years ago in crude fashion, the moon phase was commonly found in the more complicated pocket watches.. Read More