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The Watches of Wimbledon and the Tour de France

For sports fans, July is a month that can seem to drag on. The NBA and NFL are in their off-seasons. Baseball is in season, but even it took an extended break for its all-star game celebrations.  The U.S. Women’s National Team won its second straight World Cup title, while Novak Djokovic claimed the Wimbledon title and the Tour de France crowned its youngest rider in decades. On the international.. Read More

Omega Takes ‘One Giant Leap’ for Moon Landing Anniversary

Fifty years ago on Saturday, Neil Armstrong took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.  Taking that leap with Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin for the world’s first lunar expedition was an Omega Speedmaster. Omega has a rich history in space. Aside from being worn on the moon, Apollo 13 astronauts famously used their Omega watches to time the 14 seconds they needed to burn off fuel.. Read More

Omega Reaches New Depths with Dive Watch

As one of the top watch brands on the market, Omega is all about reaching new heights and achieving greater goals. That’s how the company has survived and stayed atop the watch mountaintop along with Rolex and other high-end, boutique luxury brands.  In December, however, Omega reached a new low – or depth, if you will. Adventurer Victor Vescovo set a record for deepest dive, going 10,928 meters into the.. Read More