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What is a Fusee?

The fusée (French for “rocket”) is a cone-shaped component connected to the mainspring’s barrel by a chain. As the mainspring is wound, the rotating barrel winds the chain around the narrowing fusée. As the watch runs and the power stored by the mainspring decreases, the tension from the fusée’s chain on the barrel, now rotating in the reverse direction, ensures that a consistent amount of energy is released through the.. Read More

What is considered a modern ladies watch?

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, the main function of a watch is to tell you the time. So why are watches made and segmented as a man’s or ladies’ watch? The old adage is that a ladies watch should just be a smaller version of a man’s version. Maybe it comes in brighter colors too. They often came with simpler mechanisms inside and were.. Read More

Part 2: Some more important Rolex terms to know

This week we’re diving back into important terms you should know about Rolex watches. In this post, you’ll learn about some nicknames for certain styles of watch hands and dials. If you missed our first edition on this topic, you can check it out here: Mercedes hands This is a unique Rolex handset featured on many references whose minute hand has a round portion divided into three equally sized portions.. Read More

Watches of HBO’s ‘Succession’

HBO’s mega-hit series Succession, which follows a dysfunctional, foul-talking media dynasty family, wrapped up its fourth and final season last weekend to record streaming numbers. The Roy family owns one of America’s biggest media organizations leading to comparisons from the show’s thesis and real-life Rupert Murdoch’s Fox entities. The show has won multiple Emmys for its acting from players who aptly played the part of billionaire heirs with only the.. Read More