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How to buff a watch case

Over the last few years, I have done a number of blog posts about how I repair a watch movement — everything from how it is taken apart, to replacing a balance staff, pressure testing and more.  The one part of the repair process that I have not discussed is how a watch case is buffed and polished. My dad would always say that no matter how great your job is on.. Read More

What is a watchmakers staking set?

In every profession, there are tools important to the trade. New iPhones still sometimes require a phone screen, protector and other attachments. Repairmen carry toolboxes filled with instruments to help do their jobs better and quicker. There are likely some tools with multiple uses — tools that are a jack or jill of all trades. Without them, our jobs would be increasingly difficult. In watchmaking, that tool is the staking.. Read More

What is an Art Deco watch?

Art Deco was a popular architectural style in the 1920s and 1930s, combining geometric shapes and rich materials. You can see it in designs for the Chrysler Building or any building with those small, intricate designs. The Art Deco movement represented modernism and elegance: It was the Roaring 20s, after all. Art Deco, however, isn’t just an architectural concept. It can be found in watch design as well, especially with.. Read More