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What is a Repeater?

One of the most difficult watch complications to produce, a minute repeater transforms a watch from mere timekeeping device to miniature music box. Pioneered by master horologist Abraham-Louis Breguet at the end of the 18th century, the minute repeater was always thought of as being the pinnacle of watchmaking design. To put it quite simply, a minute repeater watch can chime the exact time with the push of a button. Invented.. Read More

Watch FAQs: Simple questions, simple answers

In this weeks blog post, I thought that I would go over some simple questions and answers on how your watch works. I have a lot of  customers that are getting a mechanical watch for the first time, so they are a bit confused on the “care and feeding of their new watch” . I hope this info is helpful. Can you wind an automatic watch? Yes, you can wind.. Read More

Casio, The Original Smart Watch

Today we take for granted that a watch can tell time, have an alarm, able to check your email, act as a phone and a whole host of other cool features.  Back in the late 80’s most of these ideas were still in the “science fiction category”.  Then along came Casio and they introduced watches that were way ahead of their time.  With the introduction of the Calculator watch, we.. Read More

How a Watch Escapement Works

When energy is stored in the mainspring, by winding, the train wheels begin to turn. This energy is carried from the barrel through the center, third and fourth wheels to the escape wheel. Considering the escapement as a unit, it can be seen that the escape wheel supplies the power, whereas the pallet transfers the rotary motion of the escape wheel into a back and forth motion of the pallet… Read More