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5 Kinds of Surf Watches to be Aware Of

There are watches for running, and there are watches for diving. There are watches to help you find your car at the grocery store and help lead you North … in case you’re still lost in that parking lot. Clearly watches have become more and more useful tools over the years, but did you know there are also watches made especially to use while surfing? Smart watches can not only.. Read More

The Patina Trend Gives High Priority to Imperfect Watches

If you’ve ever been out shopping for an antique or vintage item, you know searching for perfection likely isn’t going to happen. A vintage ’57 Chevy, even kept in the most pristine environments, is going to have a couple signs of wear and tear. It’s just the facts. And if an item 50 years or older doesn’t show any signs from aging, the door might be left open on if.. Read More

Important Watch Repair Terminology You Need to Know

It might be the beginning of summer, but school is still in session with this week’s blog. The terminology behind watches is almost as complicated as the mechanics that drive them. The following terms serve as Watch Education 101 and features a list of many of the basic terms relating to the parts of a watch. This simple glossary will help cut the confusion, so consider this your reference point!.. Read More

Have You Ever Wondered How an Automatic Watch Works? Here’s How.

A mechanical watch is powered by an internal spiral mainspring which turns the gears that move the hands. The spring loses energy as the watch runs, so in a manual watch movement the spring must be wound periodically by turning the crown, to provide energy to run the watch. A self-winding watch movement has a mechanism which winds the mainspring. The watch contains an oscillating weight (the rotor), which turns on a pivot… Read More

Here’s How to Replace a Missing Roller Jewel

Replacing a missing roller jewel is one of the toughest jobs that I ever need to do. This is a very precise job – and close just doesn’t count here. It is either perfect or the watch won’t run properly. The part fit is critical and the roller jewel is very small and almost impossible to hold, so overall it’s not an easy task.  This is the part of the.. Read More