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A little about the Rolex Calibre 3235 movement

The Caliber 3235 is actually not a completely new movement. Instead, it is a new generation movement. it continues to build on the already existing 3135 movement.     The Rolex Caliber 3235 was officially released at Baselworld 2015 Rolex has replaced more than 90% of the parts of the prior caliber the 3135. In the new design of the 3235 Rolex’s criteria as a Superlative Chronometer is twice as exact.. Read More

A little bit about Russian and Soviet watches

Watches come in all shapes, sizes, colors and are manufactured all over the world. This week we’re going to look at the watches of Russia. Soviet watches and clocks have had an important history in timekeeping, as they provided time signals for navigation and targeting by aircraft and naval vessels, timed world chess matches, coordinated traffic on Trans-Siberian Railroad and were the first timepieces in space. One of the most.. Read More

What is a World Time Watch?

Some people travel a lot and need to keep tabs on different time zones at different hours of the day. A world time watch accomplishes a similar task to the GMT or dual timezone; it shows the wearer a time zone in an area of the world other than home. A  GMT watch can only monitor one other selected time zone, the world timer shows the time for the main 24 time zones.. Read More

It’s hip to be a square with these watches

In the band’s 1986 smash hit, Huey Lewis and the News famously sang it’s hip to be square. The single reached No. 3 on the Billboard charts, but that was 35 years ago. So is it still hip to be a square? If you’re following along with recent watch trends, then the answer might be yes. Watches, since their inception, have typically come with rounded faces. Clocks are circular, after all… Read More