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How I Run My Watch Repair Business

This week’s blog post is going to go into a bit of detail on how I do my business, what watches that I will work on  and why I don’t work on certain watches.   First, please keep in mind that I repair watches full time as a business — this is not a hobby.  I graduated from the Bulova School of Watchmaking in 1977 and have worked for the past.. Read More

Alabama National Champion, Colts MVP Barry Krauss has his Rolex Restored

Back on New Year’s Day 1979, the only thing standing between Penn State and the school’s first consensus national championship was 10 inches on the football field. On fourth down in the Sugar Bowl, running back Mike Guman took a handoff with the No. 1 Nittany Lions trailing, 14-7, to No. 2 Alabama. Rushing up the middle was Barry Krauss in his crimson 77 jersey stopping Guman in his tracks.. Read More

Why Wear a Watch? Here Are 6 of the Best Reasons

When the Portland Trail Blazers need someone to make a big shot at the end of a game, point guard Damian Lillard is usually the one with the ball in his hand. He can shoot from anywhere inside half court and is known for his long-distance shots. Better yet, he usually comes up big in the clutch. His celebration is to simply tap on his wrist to let everyone in.. Read More

The Watches of World War II

Many watches were created for a specific purpose. Whether that was for fashion, athletics or being in the elements – watches find a void, then they fill it. That’s especially true for watches of wartime. Here are some of the best watches of World War II, 75 years after the Allied nations declared victory in Japan. Bulova Housed in a positively diminutive (by today’s standards, anyway) 30-32mm case, the A-11 was.. Read More

What Grinds My Gears: 4 Ways to Tick Off a Watchmaker

In every profession, there are just some aspects of the job that can drive a person nearly crazy. Whether it’s carelessness or bad execution, there are countless ways everyday life would be better if there was just a little more attention to detail. Here are a few things that can really “tick” off a watchmaker. From poor design to parts that are just tough to repair, The Watch Doctor narrowed.. Read More