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What is a Skeleton Watch?

A skeleton watch is a mechanical watch, in which all of the moving parts are visible through either the front of the watch, the back of the watch or a small cut outlining the dial. True “skeletonization” also includes the trimming away of any non-essential metal on the bridge, plate, wheel train or any other mechanical part of the watch, leaving only a skeleton of the movement required for functionality. Often, the remaining thinned movement is decorated with engraving… Read More

How old is your Rolex?

Rolex’s watches have two key numbers associated with them. These numbers are etched directly into the metal of the watch case and can tell you a great deal about your watch.  The two numbers are: The serial number: a unique identifier that is different for every single watch and can be used to determine the production date of that watch.  The reference number: which is sometimes known as the model number.  How.. Read More

How to care for a vintage watch

Interest in vintage timepieces has reached an all-time high. Some people become enamored by the watches’ stories; others seek the unique look and feel of a watch that has aged naturally over many decades. In this blog I will go over some of the most commonly asked questions about how to care for your vintage watch. Water resistance, magnetism and shock resistance Many people don’t think twice about exposing their.. Read More

What is the best Rolex movement?

There are some barber shop debates that people will never agree on. Is Coke really better than Pepsi? Does pineapple belong on pizza? Is LeBron the greatest of all-time, or does Michael Jordan and his six rings forever hold that distinction? Rolex is generally regarded as the best watch brand. But what about the movements inside the watch itself. Which is the best? We take a look at some of.. Read More