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Watches with the crown at 4 o’clock

If you were to think up what a watch looks like, there are certain basic features. Most watches are round with a band and two hands, one for the hour and one for the minute. Easy enough. If a person were drawing a rough draft of a watch, they might go a little more broad and add the dial. Where does that go? On most watches, it’s at the 3.. Read More

Watches and their logos

Some watch brands are so famous, they need no introduction. But do you know the stories behind some of the biggest watch companies in the world? This week, we’re breaking down some of the logos from around the world. Breguet Abraham Louis Breguet founded his eponymous brand in 1775 and is one of the most significant and influential watchmakers in history, having invented everything from the tourbillon to the style.. Read More

Rolex and their nicknames (Part 2)

You might know some watches by their official names, but do you know their nicknames? Or vice-versa, you may only know a watch by its nickname and not the one given to it at the factory. Here are a few of the more famous nicknamed Rolex watches. Papa Smurf: A white-gold ref. 116619 Submariner launched in 2008 with powder-blue dial and bezel. This 2010 example is up for sale at.. Read More