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What are Chronographs and Chronometers?

In the watch world, there are many different styles, brands and types of timepieces. This week’s blog post focuses on chronograph and chronometer watches. The chronograph literally translated means “time writer” — a union of the Greek word “chromos,” meaning time and “graph,” meaning writing. A chronograph is a specific type of watch that is used as stopwatch combined with a display watch. A basic chronograph has an independent sweep second hand; it can be started, stopped, and.. Read More

Rolex Submariner Buckle Repair | Deployment Clasp Replacement

I have been asked many times if I could repair a  flip over deployment clasp on a Rolex band.  Up until recently I was not able to make this repair.  I just found the needed pin assembly from one of my suppliers to finally solve this problem. I have shown below some before and after pictures of this clasp and the pin that needs to be replaced.  If anyone needs.. Read More

Rolex GMT Watch Models & History | The Time Zone Watch

“GMT” stands for Greenwich Mean Time and is the “0” point on the 24 hour scale of international timezones. Greenwich is in England, and from there other timezones are plus (+) or minus (-) GMT. GMT was established so that travelers would be able to quickly  know what time it is all over the world as long as they knew what the GMT time was. Pan American Airlines was the.. Read More

History Of The Rolex President

The Rolex Day-Date was released in 1955 and had many features that were considered ahead of its time, including an automatic movement, plus day and date discs. Because of these unique features, the “Rolex Day-Date”  soon became the flagship model for Rolex. This first rolex model was the 6511. Rolex’s 6611 models that were waterproof up to 100 feet soon replaced the Day Date but it was still externally identical.. Read More