The "Doctor" is Always In!

Hamilton “Seckron” Doctors Watch

Surely everyone has been stuck in a waiting room past your appointment time, endlessly waiting for your time to be called back and seen by the doctor. So for some, it might come as a surprise there is such a timepiece nicknamed “the doctor’s watch.” The Hamilton, officially named the Seckron, was a line of watches produced between 1935 and 1941. With its dual-dial style, it was seen as less.. Read More

Watches made for a small wrist

While it’s true watches differ across brands and styles, they are mostly uniform in one aspect — size. So what happens if you want to wear any of the luxury brands of watches and not have it jangling from your wrist because it’s too big? Here are some options of watches made for smaller wrists. Rolex Explorer Omega Seamaster midsize Hamilton Khaki field watch Seiko 5 automatic Tissot mans automatic.. Read More

Watches With a Plastic Case

Whether it’s a collaborative effort between two legacy brands or an effort to clean up the environment, watches made with plastic cases have the ability to show off the timepieces in a different fashion. While luxury watches are known for their hard metallic look, these following watches show that a beautiful watch can be just that no matter what the case is made from. Ulysse Nardin Ulysse Nardin and The.. Read More

Best watches for sailing

When you think of specialty made watches, your mind might go to pilots and athletes. There are also watches that are tailor-made for hiking and ones that can answer your phone calls. But what about being out in the water? These sailing watches give all the information needed with a quick glance at the wrist. Breitling Super Ocean Roles Yachtmaster II Alpina Yachttimer Bulova Marine Star Ulysse Nardin Regatta Omega.. Read More