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Watches That Do More Than Tell Time

Watches with “Complications” are some of the coolest timepieces sold today. I thought that this blog post would look over some watches that do a bit more than just tell time. Most of the complex tasks done by these watches are done with the Bezel.  A Bezel is the outer metal ring surrounding the watches crystal. This ring would have various numbers or markings and can rotate in one or.. Read More

What is a Power Reserve Indicator?

There’s an indicator in your car showing when the fuel is about to run out and it’s time for us to head to the gas station. The power reserve indicator has a similar function in mechanical watches, showing the amount of power still reserved. In 1948, Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced a power reserve indicator designed for production in a series of watches called the Powermatic which utilized the LeCoultre Caliber 481. Thus, Jaeger-LeCoultre was  the first watchmaking company.. Read More

What is a World Time Watch??

Some people travel a lot and need to keep tabs on different time zones at different hours of the day. A world time watch accomplishes a similar task to the GMT or dual timezone; it shows the wearer a time zone in an area of the world other than home. A  GMT watch can only monitor one other selected time zone, the world timer shows the time for the main 24 time zones.. Read More