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Tools of the trade, Part II: Equipment and tools to fix a watch

This week’s blog post will continue showing you some of the tools and equipment that I use every day to repair your watch. I am glad to see everyone is interested in how your watch is repaired and what a normal day is like at the “watch shop”. My glasses and loupe My glasses and Loupe are the heart of my job. Without my loupe, I am out of business… Read More

Tools of the trade: A look at the tools of a watch doctor

I’ve always had a number of customers ask me several questions about watch repair. That expands to how I do my job, what tools I use and why I do the things I do. I thought it would be good to show some behind-the-scenes information on where you’re sending your watch for a repair. Bench My workbench is 42 inches tall, 40 inches wide and 17 inches deep. This is.. Read More

Watch myth part 3: Water resistance

As we start the month of April, it is the time of year when the weather is getting warmer and people are going outside again. Everyone is going on vacations, swimming in the pool or washing the car.  At the watch shop, it is “wet watch season.” This week we are going to go over the “myth of water resistance.”  This is a topic that I’ve covered many times, but.. Read More

How to: Replace an oscillating weight axle

Next up in our series of “How to” blogs, we look this week at how to replace an oscillating weight axle. An oscillating weight axle is the small pinion that supports the oscillating weight in an automatic watch. The weight rotates with the motion of your wrist and the axle supports the weight and is normally held in place with a jewel. If you drop or bump your watch very.. Read More