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Mark Sirianni Watch Repair Price List

  I have been a watchmaker for the past 45 years. I provide top quality watch repair at a very reasonable price with a quick turnaround time. Rolex watches are my specialty. I am very experienced with vintage mechanical watches and evaluating those watches that can be affordably repaired. I am always available by telephone or email to answer questions about your next watch repair project. My son Tom joined.. Read More

What is a Tactical Watch?

Traditionally tactical products are designed for use in a non-standard military or police environments. They are robust, water resistant and master the difficult technical characteristics of being subtle and non-reflective yet highly legible Tactical watches are built with strong materials and can often withstand great depth ratings when underwater. Some tactical watches are designed to do much more than just tell time and include extra functionality.  What makes a tactical.. Read More

History of the Omega Constellation

The Omega Constellation watch was once the flagship in the Omega collection. This particular family within their collection dates back to 1952. The first Omega Constellation models had bumper movements and distinctive diamond-shaped hour markers. The Dauphin’s hands were used till the late 1960s. After a few years, around 1955, the Omega caliber 354 bumper movement with chronometer rating was replaced by the caliber 50x series. This movement had a.. Read More

What is a Panda Watch Dial?

A panda dial is distinct for its black-on-white dial appearance, which often features a white or silver dial with two or three black subdials. The idea is that it resembles a panda’s face. A “reverse panda,” has a black main dial and white subdials. The 1957 Breitling Superocean Chronograph is often regarded as the earliest panda dial. 1957 Breitling Super Ocean, the first Panda Dial The most famous Panda dial watch is the.. Read More