Every now and then , a watch comes into the shop that looks like it has had a “hard life”. I received a Rolex a few weeks ago that was desparetely in need of a little “Tender Loving Care”. The Rolex had a badly damaged crystal, the case tube was old and worn, the stem would not stay in place and the band was very dirty.  After a first quick look at the watch, I was a bit hesitant on taking on the project.  I quoted the customer the normal repair cost, received the go ahead and got started on the project.   Below I will show you a few before and after pictures on how the watch looked as it arrived, and how it looked after my service.  The finished project is better than I could have hoped for

Rolex as it arrived at the shop
Cracked and badly worn crystal
Badly worn case tube and damaged crystal


Lots of dirt inside the buckle
Band links are loaded with dirt

Watch after cleaning

New case tube installed
New case tube and crown cleaned up
Buckle nice and clean
Band links back to looking good


Finished repair , back to looking good, overhaul new crystal, stem repaired, new case tube

This project is a good example of how with a little hard work, a vintage watch can be restored to its former glory days.  Hopefully this one will have a long and productive life ahead of it.

Total cost for the repair including the return shipping was $300….