This week we will take a look at 3 more watchmaking ideas that just don’t seem to work out well, and are a constant source of aggravation here at the watch shop.

The Rolex GMT hour wheel is a solid performer. I have never had one break in all of my years repairing watches.

Rolex GMT hour wheel

The Omega GMT wheel is lightly built and breaks quite often. 

Unfortunately, it is no longer available from Omega for replacement. The watch needs to be sent to the factory for service.

Here are Rolex auto reverser wheels. They are tough, sturdy and rarely break.

Rolex auto reverser wheel

The Eta 2892, which is used in many Omega watches are light and flimsy, They break quite often causing the auto not to work properly.

Omega and ETA auto reverser wheel

A Rolex 3035 balance stop spring. They are made of very thin brass. This flimsy piece breaks quite often causing the watch to stop.

Roles 3035 balance stop spring

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