How does someone compare two works of art? In some debates, there are no wrong answers — especially looking at beauty.

My wife’s two favorite movies are Pretty Woman, starring Richard Gere, and Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze. I asked her recently which actor was more handsome, and she answered, “there is no comparison.” I did not immediately understand this answer, but she explained that they are both handsome in their own unique way, so comparing them was impossible.

In the debate of the Hamilton 992 and Hamilton 992B pocket watches, there are no wrong answers.

Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing
Richard Gere in Pretty Woman

This picture shows the 992 main plate and train wheels and shows the clutch wheel and winding pinion.

The 992B’s main plate, train wheels and setting parts.

The 992 crown wheel. It’s easy to remove and oil.

The 992B crown wheel is a bit more difficult to remove and needs to be oiled properly or it will bind.

Here is the 992B crown wheel complete.

The 992 steel mainspring.

The 992B alloy mainspring is more modern and holds up better over time.

The 992 setting parts, minute wheel and cannon pinion.

The 992B setting parts, minute wheel and cannon pinion

The 992 balance wheel and steel hairspring is shown above. This spring has a different stud that is a bit more difficult to deal with on the balance bridge.

Also, magnetism is a bit more of a problem with this hairspring.

The 992B balance with alloy mainspring is shown.

A simple balance wheel with an easy stud screw attachment to the bridge makes it much easier to replace the staff when needed.

The 992 complete movement is shown showing the beautiful engraving and lettering on all of the bridges.

The 992B complete movement is a simple, but beautiful movement.

Here is a timing machine reading on a well-running 992B. It has outstanding performance for a watch that is 70 years old!

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