In the course of a week, a large variety of watches can come into the shop all with their own unique problems. However, some of the same problems often occur.

Let’s take a look at some of the most problematic watch parts that seem to be breaking constantly.

Offset Cannon Pinion

I have never understood the idea of the offset cannon pinion. A standard cannon pinion works great and has been used for over 100 years.

Now, the great, new idea of an offset cannon pinion came about to try and make improvements to a movement and make it thinner.

The issue is that when it fails or becomes loose, it is impossible to tighten.

Omega GMT Hour Wheel

This is a lousy design from top to bottom. The small spring that is in between the two wheels breaks and then the hour wheel will not function and the quick set will not work.

Since this wheel is so often breaking, it is impossible to find a replacement. If you have an Omega Seamaster GMT, be aware of this problem

Omega Auto Reverser Wheel

This wheel is a constant problem, it wears out and then the auto will not wind in both directions.

Omega Case Tube and Crown

The very thin threads are on the inside of the tube. These threads easily strip and the case tube is just about impossible to replace.

On a watch that is designed to be water resistant, this is the weakest link in the entire watch.

Rolex 3135 Oscillating Weight Axle

The same goes for the oscillating weight axle. They wear much quicker on this model that most of the others.

Rolex 3035 Hack Spring

This thin piece of brass is what stops the balance when you pull the crown into setting position.

The brass is very flimsy and breaks often, so a $15 part will cause you to take the entire watch apart for servicing.

Rolex 3135 Mainspring

I’m not quite sure why, but mainsprings in this model constantly break much more often than any other Rolex model.

Rolex Auto Reverser Wheel

The small lever inside this wheel wears out and then the auto will only wind in one direction, so it needs to be properly cleaned and oiled for the auto to work properly.

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