October might not be the best time of the year to bring up the act of “spring cleaning.” However, watches could always use a sprucing up or two, no matter what month or season it is. After a watch comes into the shop for a repair, much of the actual work is done beyond what the eye can see. With a dial refinish, you’ll immediately be able to see what was changed and how new your watch now looks.

Listed below are some of the nicely repaired watches that we have done lately. Some with dial refinishes.

Rolex Submariner after an overhaul, crystal and bezel insert

Men’s Rolex after an overhaul, dial refinish, crystal, and new bezel insert

Mans Tudor after an overhaul, dial refinish and bezel insert

Omega after an overhaul, crystal and dial refinish

Men’s and Ladies Rolex watches after dial refinishing

Zodiac after an overhaul and bezel repair

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