In this week’s blog post, we are going to take another deep dive into some watch terms. This week we will figure out what exactly is a subdial.

A subdial is the mini dial that sits on the watch face or dial. They are known as auxiliary dials and serve a few different functions. Those include tracking lapsed seconds, minutes and hours, moon phases or a second time zone across specialty watches like chronographs, calendars and GMT watches.

The subdials are meant to improve the overall readability of the measured elapsed time by breaking down the seconds, minutes, and hours separately.

By adding up the figures you read in the subdial, you can calculate how much time as passed since you started the chronograph.

Take a look at these different kind of subdials.

Rolex Day-Date

Tag Heuer GMT style

Breitling with a day and date subdial

Gashutte with multiple subdials

IWC Schaffhausen with subdials

Watch with moon phases

More moon phases and the date

Zeppelin watch with power reserve subdial

Longines with subdial

Multiple subdials

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