An oscillating weight axel is the small pinion that supports the oscillating weight in an automatic watch. The weight rotates with the motion of your wrist and the axel supports the weight and is normally held in place with a jewel.  If you drop or bump your watch very hard, you can break the axel. Also if the watch is not serviced on a regular basis, the axel can wear and that will cause the weight to rub on the movement or rub on the case back. Either situation is a major cause for concern since any binding on the weight will keep the watch from auto winding.

Replacing a worn or broken axel is one of the most common repairs that I make at the shop.This post will cover the replacement of a mans rolex oscillating weight axel.


Bottom view of typical oscillating weight
Badly worn axel, groove on top
Badly worn axel with groove in top, lack of oil and dirt did a lot of damage!
Worn axel, very loose fit in bottom support jewel
Worn axel on the left, new one on the right

After the old axel is removed, I use a staking set to install the new axel


New axel ready for reassembly

New axel installed and is held in place by this small sliding clip


Auto is now reassembled with new axel and bridge

This is a very simple repair but could be eliminated with regular service.