Collecting vintage watches might not be your thing. With watches, collectors have to look into how much a timepiece needs polished or refurbished while also being wary of fakes — and mindful of your pocketbook.

If vintage watch collecting isn’t your thing, then perhaps collecting vintage accessories for watches is more up your alley. Unlike watches, accessories usually aren’t in bad shape and the market isn’t flooded with fakes and replicas. In some instances, adding a vintage accessory can increase the value of a watch.   Listed below are a few things that I have collected over the years.

Watch Boxes are a good place to start collecting.
Vintage Omega box with wooden liner.
Polishing cloth and Rolex booklet
Clocks are always collectable. This one is from our Jewelry store from way back!!
Counter displays are always nice to collect.
Vintage small Caravelle desk clock, from the 70’s
How about tools with watch brand logo’s
Leather buckles with brand logo’s are a cool collectible
Advertising material is easy and fun to find

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