In every profession, there are tools important to the trade. Whether that’s an iPhone with multiple apps to help a business person get through the day or a repairman with a toolbox full of instruments, the tools are all meant to help make the job at hand easier.

There are likely some tools with multiple uses — tools that are a jack of all trades. Without them, our jobs would be increasingly difficult

In watchmaking, that tool is the staking set. The base of the staking set has a rotating set of round holes, which can accept anvils and stakes. The tool is used by lining up an anvil or stake in the base and another in the headstock.

Some of the uses of the staking set are reducing the diameter of a round hole in a plate, removing the roller from a balance or forming a rivet for a balance staff.

This is my vintage chrome Inverto staking set. A real beauty for anyone that appreciates fine tools. This one will last forever.
Up close picture of some of the punches and small items that I use everyday to repair watches.

This is the staking set that I got when I was at Bulova school back in 1977. Still going strong over 40 years later.
Small punches are great for lots of uses around the shop.

This attachment is used to remove the roller table on a watch.
The main use of a staking set is used to replace a balance staff on a watch. Here I am replacing a staff on a Hamilton 992b pocket watch.
Adding the roller table.

Like any good mechanic, using the proper tools makes just about any project easier. My staking set is my go to item on a variety or repairs.

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