Like most tools, watches were made with more than one purpose in mind.

Of course, a watch’s main ability is to tell its user what the time is.

Everything else added along the way — the ability to know the date all the way to seeing your heart rate, the temperature, hearing the new top song on the music charts or making a phone call – watches can do it all.

Life sailing on the open water can be a lonely and scary endeavor, but watches helped sailors with navigation.

During World War II, the Hamilton 22 was developed and stayed below deck on Navy vessels as their chronometer.

Before GPS, chronometers helped get an accurate reading on a ship’s longitude.

The deck watches could be taken to on deck to compare their time with other watches on the boat, which led to them being referred to as “comparing watches.”

The Model 22 looks and weighs like a heavy pocket.

The Model 22s have an up/down indicator letting you know when it is in need of a winding.

Its 60-hour mainspring helps ensure its high-quality accuracy.

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