In every profession, there are just some aspects of the job that can drive a person nearly crazy.

Whether it’s carelessness or bad execution, there are countless ways everyday life would be better if there was just a little more attention to detail.

Here are a few things that can really “tick” off a watchmaker.

From poor design to parts that are just tough to repair, The Watch Doctor narrowed down his list of to four things that really “grind his gears.”

Here is a date spring that is under a lot of tension. That makes it difficult or impossible to install without losing it. This is why we keep a magnet right next to our workbench!    

The Rolex 3186 GMT jump hour click spring is a really bad idea. The entire date is depending on this small, thin piece of steel. It’s just a bad idea.

I have never understood the idea of the offset cannon pinion. A standard cannon pinion works great and has been used for over 100 years.

Now, the great, new idea of an offset cannon pinion came about to try and make improvements to a movement and make it thinner. The issue is that when it fails or becomes loose, it is impossible to tighten.

My last lousy idea is an Omega Seamaster crown and case tube. The case tube is friction-fit into a case.

The very thin threads are on the inside of the tube. These threads easily strip and the case tube is just about impossible to replace. On a watch that is designed to be water resistant, this is the weakest link in the entire watch.

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