In the coming weeks, leaves across the Northeast will be going through their autumnal changes — turning from their regular green to oranges, reds and purples.

People had come to expect a certain color scheme on watches. Dials were generally traditional colors, like black, white or silver.

That is, until Rolex introduced the Stella Dial Day-Date in the 1970s. The dial had a colored, hard enamel and came in a variety of bright, rich colors.

All of these things that would be abnormal for what you would expect from a Rolex watch.

Originally targeted to the Middle East market, the Stella dial watches weren’t immediately popular and had a short-lived production run.

Now, that means the watches are even more of a collector’s item due to their exclusivity.

Take a look at these eye-popping, brightly colored Stella dials.

1970’s Model #18038 in Turquoise
Bright Red
Beautiful Salmon color
Model #1803 in Green

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