If you’ve read the headlines this year, there seems to be a shortage of everything from chicken wings to lumber. Most of those shortages have to do with disruptions in the supply chain that keep our goods on the shelves and available and not constantly on back order.

With Rolex, it is definitely good for business that it is at the top of the watch food chain. So, any sort of shortage of supply is also very lucrative.

For around the last five years, demand is simply off the charts for Rolex watches. That can be attributed to a number of things. However, the factory shutdowns because of COVID-19 didn’t help the problem.

Because of the high demand, Rolex can’t produce enough watches — which means wait lists for eager customers who then might be more willing to shell out larger sums of money on secondary markets. At the same time, Rolex likely has no interest in meeting supply with the demand because that’s what keeps prices up.

These are some of the most sought-after Rolex models.

Rolex Daytona

GMT Master 2 “Pepsi” bezel

GMT Master 2 “Batman”

Rolex Sky Dweller blue dial

Rolex Submariner “The Hulk”

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