In this blog post, I will go over the steps for an overhaul of an Omega Seamaster Cosmic.

The watch arrived to me in need of an overhaul and it also had a broken oscillating weight axel. After much searching, I found the axel and started on the repair.

This movement comes with a one piece case and a split stem. Luckily the split stem was still in good shape on this one which made the overhaul possible.

Picture of the movement before disassembly.

Very nice movement model #565 in overall great condition.

Oscillating weight axel replacement.

Broken axle on the right, new part on left

Underside of auto unit showing axel placement.

New axle shown from the top

Auto removed showing basic movement.

Barrel bridge removed showing sweep center pinion

Train wheels

Date Mechanism

Dial side showing date wheels ready to be cleaned

Underside of date bridge showing quick-set lever

Inside case

Outside of case back

Finished watch ready to wear

CHARLEY PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Don’t worry, Charley. There’s a long weekend coming up.